Welcome friends and fans,



I was featured in over 100 television commercials and starred in "Petticoat Junction" from 1966-72 as Bobbie Jo Bradley. As one of three daughters of Kate Bradley, we lived at the "Shady Rest Hotel" in Hooterville, USA.  I was in five movies before retiring to the "good life".  I love working with various charities, creating art-sculpture and oil paintings. I have been married forty years to my wonderfully supportive and fun-loving husband, Bernard.  He retired as Owner and Agent of Commercial Talent Agency. We are blessed to live in beautiful Montecito, California.

My Charities Include 

"Flower Power," "Animal Rights," "Beauty Without Cruelty," "Feed The Children" and "Make A Wish Foundation."  My current project is helping to establishment full sponsorships for many students who are interested in environmental studies for the future of our planet.


Ronald, Owner of Del Norte Ambulance Company in Northern California

Stacy, Production Supervisor for "still photography" in Los Angeles.




Jaclyn Marie (My middle name is Marie)


My Favorite Colors: 

Gold and Brown


I have been a meditator for almost twenty-five years. I believe this wonderful technique brings me closer to God, our world and all living creatures. I have been a total vegetarian for the past twenty-seven years and I also cleanse my body and soul by "juice fasting" several times a year. I enjoy growing my own fruits and vegetables.


I adore my pets!  Snickers is a black and white Lab/Collie mix.  We got her from the animal shelter, of course.  I am proud to say that she took 1st place in her obedience class, winning over many pedigrees!  So I guess "pound pups" are pretty smart.* We also have two cats.  One named Oooops because I thought her mother was "fixed" and she had a litter anyway.  Peepers is our 13lb. black "lover" cat.


*June 2004: Sadly Snickers has passed away in 2003. We are slowly getting ready to rescue another dog from the shelter…

I have made an "art" of my married life with my husband of 40 years. It has been a very interesting journey and is always a work in progress. We are continually changing and moving in different directions, but always growing towards a better life together. We love to travel the world to experience various cultures and learn from others. Bernie and I have been to Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Bali, China, Greece, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, France, the Bahamas and most of the United States.  My favorite country, so far, is Italy. I love the people and adore the food!


I enjoy continuing my education, whether it be all forms of art, cooking, or simply to learn something new.  Currently I am busy completing the decor and design of our new old house. It was built in 1927.


I encourage all of you to engage in some kind of charity work!  I believe that God works through us by our helping others and the world around us.  Most of us have had such good fortune, it would be a shame to keep it all to ourselves.  Our blessings are meant to be shared and given freely to those in need, including our own families.


Collectible and signed reproductions of my paintings are available through this web page.  A large percentage of the sales will go to fund my current charity project.

Thank you so much for your interest... and have fun shopping!



Lori Saunders